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Historical & Culural Value to East Coast Music Industry & the Community

The 50th Anniversary of the Canso Causeway was truly a once-in-a-lifetime event that highlighted the work of so many artists, from so many genres and has created lasting legacies and memories for the Strait of Canso Region and the East Coast Music industry and community.

In particular, this event reminded the industry and its artists about the power of inspiration. Many East Coast artists have referenced the Causeway in songs and other instrumental compositions, citing cultural, historical and societal change which is often wrapped in emotion. As such, organizers and volunteers hosted a songwriting competition and a pipe tune composition competition. Several emerging artists composed and recorded their work on the Causeway’s commemorative CD, establishing a lasting artistic legacy for the East Coast Music industry.

Culturally, the Causeway Anniversary highlighted traditional performances from a variety of cultures. The musical influence and impact of these cultures was felt throughout the event.

In particular, this event resonated with historical value amongst East Coast pipers and drummers. Organizers, volunteers, participants and spectators were in awe over the enthusiastic response and participation by the original pipers who took part in the official opening in 1955. The response was so overwhelming that organizers created an “Honourary Pipes & Drums Band” which led the procession across the Causeway. Over 100 original pipers relived and re-created history this past summer and witnessed the strength and vibrance of the piping community. The historical significance of this moment will be a cherished memory in the East Coast piping and drumming community for years to come.


Canso Causeway 50th Anniversary

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